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Healing from the effects of trauma is possible.
I'm here to help.


We all want to feel good. To be free of mental and emotional burdens that prevent us from living full and happy lives. Having cycles of up and down moods is to be expected. But when we're locked in psychological turmoil most of the time, it's possible something more is going on.

Your experience has a name

Many people suffer from the effects of chronic trauma without even knowing it. This type of trauma can result from growing up in a home where we didn’t get our basic needs for safety, security, and care met. Some of us endured neglect, and even physical, verbal, and emotional abuse. 

While the effects of these experiences are real, they do not need to be a life sentence.

If you experience symptoms like anxiety, depression, shame, self-hate, and difficulty in relationships – and traditional treatments have failed to bring relief, you are not alone.

Here's the good news: You're not defective, and there's a path to living a life with joy, connection, and a sense of peace.

Trauma-informed coaches can help

As a certified Trauma Recovery Coach, I guide my clients through a range of treatment modalities that work on unconscious programming patterns that are no longer serving them. I introduce them to key concepts in our understanding of trauma, and create an atmosphere of trust and safety in which their unique healing journey can unfold.

Recover your wild spirit


As a survivor myself, I am dedicated to the idea that at your core, your wild spirit is intact and undamaged, and together we can peel back the layers so that spirit can shine through. My mission is to empower your belief that you have the capacity to heal and live the life of your dreams.

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Client Voices

Deborah brings a humble wisdom that feels refreshingly authentic and easy to  connect with. I’m so grateful for our time together. She gently held up a mirror which helped me see my potential more clearly — removing the haze of my inner-critic that had been obscuring my vision, and she offered a container in which it felt like my goals and ambitions were important and attainable. Through working with her I discovered how I was getting in my own way, what I could do about it, and moved through a funk I was in into a stronger place where I feel more confident in creating and accomplishing my dreams. I highly recommend coaching with Deborah if you think you can benefit from a nurturing, honest, and kind anchor in your support system.

–V. B.

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