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Exploring Your Lost Wildness: A Journaling Workbook for Trauma Healing

What was your true nature before trauma changed you? Many people who struggled with traumatic experiences in the past have this question. What was lost? Can it ever be recovered? People who experienced trauma, can feel extremely constrained and inhibited in their lives. They adapted to their circumstances in ways that involved being orderly, good, and acceptable, and these ways of operating can feel very unsatisfying and limiting once the danger is in the past.


In this exercise, you will have the opportunity to explore the "wild" parts of you that may feel lost to you but still exist, and find ways to nurture them forward in order to embody a truer, more expansive self. I invite you to dive into this exploration if you feel ready to, and be open to where it may lead you.


Exploring Your Lost Wildness

A Journaling Workbook for Trauma Healing
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