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“These sessions were so helpful and I honestly try to recommend them to anyone I have deep conversations with. I found out more about myself just by talking to you than I have thinking, journaling, etc.[...] These sessions definitely helped me to evaluate my own decisions and gave me tools to work through problems that arise.”


My coaching practice is focused on young adults and older teens, ages roughly 17 to 30. I do occasionally accept older or younger clients as well. Below are multiple ways to work with me:


Individual coaching is offered in packages of six weekly 45-minute to 1-hour sessions (first session devoted to intake). Because coaching is a process that unfolds over time, it is reasonable to plan on coaching for 2 or more months. Individual sessions may be added for returning clients only. Six sessions are sold as a package for $550. 


For clients who have experienced at least ONE monthly coaching package, I offer individual 60-minute monthly check-in sessions. You may schedule sessions as needed to keep yourself traveling on your path. Sessions are $95 each.  


Put together a "talking circle" group of 4 to 7 people to meet regularly on a topic of interest or on life itself. I am a trained facilitator of Teen Talking Circles and will guide your group through whatever issues are coming up currently. I believe we do the best and most lasting healing in relationship with others. Experience the power and support of talking it out with others through group coaching. Weekly, 90-minute sessions with a minimum of four participants. Groups typically meet after school or in the evening. Small Group Coaching sessions are $35 per person, per week for all participants with a six-week minimum. 


Online coaching sessions take place via the meeting platform, and, unless otherwise specified, sessions last from 45 minutes to one hour, once a week. 


In-person coaching is available in the Portland, Oregon area, but for most, virtual coaching is preferred as it offers  maximum flexibility. 


I offer a free, 30-minute introductory call to determine if we're a fit and to answer any questions you may have. If you decide to engage my services, I will provide you with a contract and intake assessment forms in order to get started.

I offer a limited number of pro bono coaching slots. Please let me know if you have a need for this.

Working Together

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