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Supporting Change and Self-Discovery

To feel good about ourselves and our lives - isn’t that what we all want? Life coaching provides a framework for younger clients to cultivate self-awareness, identify what’s working and what’s not, and chart a path toward a place of more: more authenticity, more aliveness, more agency, more confidence. 

Life coaching for young adults and teens is an action-oriented, evidence-based approach that employs deep listening, targeted, powerful questioning, goal-setting, and experimentation. The process supports clients' self-discovery: developing the skills and wisdom to move toward independence with agency and intention rather than being swept along with the current or digging in with resistance. As clients challenge themselves and accrue successes, they develop tools for greater self-reliance and interdependence.


  • Stuck in confusion or stagnation rather than making progress?

  • Having drama with friends?

  • Struggling with anxiety? 

  • Feeling undermined by self-doubt or low self-esteem?

  • Acting in ways you're not proud of?

  • Withdrawing from life?

  • Yearning for more independence but lacking confidence?


Coaching can help young adults with these issues and others.


As a life coach for teens and young adults, I seek to make a genuine, heartfelt connection with my clients in which they feel seen and supported to achieve their goals. Clients are guided to explore in a way that allows space for new insights, understanding, and progress. 

“I’ve had the immense pleasure and honor of being coached by Deborah. The warm, accepting, and safe space that she creates during coaching sessions invited me to explore and uncover my hidden potentials. Her honest and gentle support guided me towards achieving goals that I may have otherwise derailed from.”


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