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I provide compassionate support for healing from a painful past.

Trauma can leave you stuck and struggling

The lingering effects of painful experiences from the past can be incredibly difficult to overcome. Many people wonder "why can't I just get over it?" But trauma responses involve unconscious programming that can’t be changed by understanding alone, or by positive thoughts or willpower. 


As a trained Trauma Recovery Coach, I walk with you as a compassionate witness to your experience. Together, we explore your inner world in an atmosphere of safety, so that you can open to more joyful experiences, and unhook from the negativity you’ve felt burdened by. 

Don’t get lost in your pain, know that one day your pain will become your cure.


If you suffer from stubborn anxiety, depression, self-hate, or shame, and you feel like you’ve literally tried everything, you are not alone – I get it! I struggled for way too long and I don't want that for you! What I discovered after all my frustrating attempts to heal was that I am not defective, and healing can take time, but it's not that complicated once you've found the right tools.

You may benefit from Trauma Recovery Coaching if you:

• Are easily triggered into painful emotional reactions by the actions or remarks of others


• Feel the need to hide and cut social interactions short in order to regroup alone


• Are plagued by a lack of confidence and low tolerance for visibility

• Experience shame that has no logical source


• Experience self-criticism and judgmentalism

• Have a hard time asking for help and feel you need to handle everything yourself

Trauma Recovery Coaches help to:

• Provide a trusting and attuned container in which to begin to feel safe as yourself

• Introduce you to the core pillars of recovery from trauma


• Guide you toward the healing practices that are most effective for you


• Mirror back the strengths, brilliance, and lovability you possess but have not recognized


• Support, encourage, and champion discovering what you want and need to thrive

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You can recover your Wild Spirit!


Hi, I'm Deborah, a certified Trauma Recovery Coach, and someone who has struggled with the effects of chronic trauma myself. I know how painful it can be to feel forever locked out of the kind of life you most want. I am dedicated to empowering you on your healing journey, so that you feel confident in your capacity to heal. I believe that at your core, your wild spirit is intact and undamaged, that you have inherent value.and deserve to live a life with joy, connection, and a sense of peace.

Read more about me here.


Deborah brings a humble wisdom that feels refreshingly authentic and easy to  connect with. I’m so grateful for our time together. She gently held up a mirror which helped me see my potential more clearly—removing the haze of my inner-critic that had been obscuring my vision, and she offered a container in which it felt like my goals and ambitions were important and attainable."

–V. B.

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